About Kalyana

कल्याण / kalyana

the feeling of wellbeing
This is me
This is me.

Passionate about skin-loving and sustainable ingredients, I started making my own cold-process soap and other cosmetics product at home. It was a way of starting to use less plastic in my bathroom while controlling what goes into the products I use and onto my skin.

Quickly – and mostly due to lack of space in my small London flat – I started giving away my first samples to friends and family. The feedback was good and they encouraged me to set up a small online business to share the goodness of my products around!

I take care to source all my vegan ingredients sustainably, and from natural origin and an organic-certified source when possible. I primarily use essential oils to fragrance my products so most of them are free from synthetic fragrances. I also use 100% recycled materials for my packaging to minimise the impact on the planet. 

Thank you for visiting my shop and please leave some feedback to help me to grow and improve my products!